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June 13 2017

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My favourite family (●´∀`)ノ♡


You never see someone using a bicycle in an apocalypse movie, but it seems like the most likely transportation if we lost all power and gas


The hardest time to fall asleep is when you are desperately trying to fall asleep. The easiest time to fall asleep is when you are desperately trying to stay awake.

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Myths & Facts about Mental Illness 

source: Global Medical Education

For more follow us @ Awake Society





21 pilots is just 2 guys? just 2 ugly scene guys? 2 jared leto jokers? 

well what about the other 19 dudes?

they dont exist dude its fucked up

the other 19 people are their fan base


*opens fanfic*

fanfic: i

*closes fanfic*

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(1/?) favorite things post-hiatus: patrick’s dancing

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truce // lockscreen (1/?)

gonna start making lockscreens with random pictures i take.
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living with ‘cat’ 

types of fic titles


  1. title is a literal description of the story (”5 times x did y”, “first kiss”, etc)
  2. perfect formatting, title is evocative of the story’s main themes
  3. song lyrics
  4. 3 feet long all lowercase (overlaps w/ song lyrics)
  5. one word. only one.
  6. title seemingly has nothing to do w/ the content of the story until it gets dropped during a high-tension dramatic scene 70k words in, making you feel like the world meant for you to be born in time to read it
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based on this <3

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To be honest I’m freaking happy that Derek is beta again
(well I prefer blue eyes then red)

Plus honestly do not know if wanna do anything more with this sketch

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So, until they figure out how to get this stuff out of my head, I think going under is the best thing.


Sneakin to the kitchen at 3am

Floor: creaks


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