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When someone disagrees with you online and demands you prove your point to their satisfaction by writing a complete and logically sound defense including citations, you can save a lot of time by not doing that.

Bro, I’ve known you for twelve seconds and enjoyed none of them, I’m not taking homework assignments from you.

This got a lot of responses from people pointing out that evidence is a key part of intellectual inquiry, discourse, and debate.  That being able to support your beliefs is a key critical thinking skill.  Which is 100% true.

Except that you don’t actually have to participate in intellectual discourse any time some fucko on the Internet tells you to.

There’s a vast difference between “this is an important thing to be able to do,” and “this is a thing that you must be continuously available to perform in public for any stranger who asks.”

And literally anytime you turn the tables on a person demanding you do the labor when it comes to finding evidence to support your argument, even when your evidence is i’ve literally lived this experience, have seen it first hand” they are completely unwilling to do the same. 

“well, I don’t have to prove it, you have to prove me wrong.”

Like, send them a link to google and tell them to fuck off.

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